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Monday, May 22, 2006

Infopath Security - Certificates

Seems like creating a certificate for your managed code will be the way to go. I'm retracing my steps and will document the process here. Note that I'm using VS2005 and Infopath 2003 sp2:

  1. MSDN Article
  2. Certmgr in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin
    1. One tool for visualizing your certificates.
  3. Certificate Management Console
    1. This is a more comprehensive tool for managing certificates.
    2. Infopath requires (it seems) your certificate to be in the Personal section.
  4. Keep it secret, keep it safe. Really. Once you create your key and start deploying signed documents that use it, you MUST have a safe and secure location to store it.
    1. Export the key, put it on a cd and lock it up.
    2. If you want to develop on another machine, you'll need to install this key. You cannot simply recreate a key with the same name. Keep it safe.
    3. As an example using Infopath and a Sharepoint Forms lib:
      1. You publish an IP form with your new cert.
      2. Users create forms (they accept the certificate), and save the forms.
      3. You lose the cert, and create a new one.
      4. You republish the form with the new certificate.
      5. A new user tries to open an old form, created with the old certificate. At best, you've got a confusing situation, since you now have two certificates with the same name, but different keys. One doc uses the old, another uses the new.
I guess that's it.


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